JSC BSK takes the 1st place in the country in the production of soda ash and baking soda. The production of emulsion PVC will be among the 20 new production facilities that will be located on the territory of existing sites with the implementation of various environmental measures, which will eliminate the risks of negative environmental impact.

As part of the agreement, Savant Engineering must identify a key technology partner and licensor and organize interaction between the Customer – Bashkir Soda Company and this Key Technology Partner to work out the details of possible cooperation and use of technologies. In its development strategy for the next ten years, BSC has regarded this Project as a priority. It is also approved by the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Based on the results of the implementation of this project, BSC, already one of the leading suppliers of suspension PVC in the Russian market today, will receive another product line in its portfolio: emulsion PVC, which is necessary for the production of finishing materials, for paint and varnish and for the textile industry. The production of emulsion polyvinyl chloride will organically fit into existing production chains. The new production of emulsion PVC will become the heart of one of the three industrial parks, the creation of which is also included in the concept of the medium-term development program of JSC BSK in the period 2021-2030.

The expansion of E-PVC production in Russia meets the objectives of the Import Substitution Program in the Russian Federation and will contribute both to the development of the competitiveness of domestic producers and the increase in highly qualified jobs. By joining the emulsion PVC import substitution program, BSC will receive a promising development direction.

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