The Scientific Library MGIMO

SAVANT ENGINEERING has been invited, in collaboration with BroadwayMalyan to design a new building for The scientific library MGIMO. The project has achieved new qualities and capabilities of the library, which will have completely new technological capabilities – such as Self-Service Systems – Arrival and Search,
Intelligent Return and Automated Material Handling. The introduction of these smart platforms will make it possible to expand the book depository to 835,000 books, taking into account the reserve of space to increase the book fund in the future and ensure the possibility of a stay of at least 1,000 visitors at the same time.

Considering the context and the purpose of the building several options are being developed.
Modern, innovative and sophisticated aesthetics are present in all designs. The main axis of the project building is represented by a large atrium space, which is a source of natural light and fluidly connects different functions and spaces to each other.

The Library’s history dates back to the establishment of the MGIMO University in 1944 and today it bears the name of Ivan Tyulin, the MGIMO First Vice-Rector (1992-2007). The library holds more than 770 000 printed books and periodicals in 62 languages and a special collection of rare books and manuscripts.

The Scientific Library supports the learning and research needs across all disciplines of the
University and offers to its readers a combination of traditional resources and modern technologies.

Project Area:
11 000 m²

Architecture, Technical Consulting